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How to Use a Male Masturbator? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Male masturbaters have been on the market for a long, so knowing how to use one is not hard to find correctly. But let’s be honest. Some people still don’t know how to use a male masturbator correctly. If you are one of those, I’m here to help you. This article will help you understand vibrating vs manual. Thrusting methods, gyrating, and lubricant. Just read, and you will learn everything you need to know!

What do You need to Use a Masturbator?

If this is your first time using a male masturbator, you should have the following three items on hand.


The masturbator material can stick to the skin, so it is impossible to insert if you do not inject lubricant. I tried it once, and that was very painful.

The lubricant you choose with your male masturbator can make a big difference to your experience. The following are some tips on selecting a good lubricant:

  1. Check the ingredients list of your chosen lube to ensure it will not irritate your skin or cause other problems.
  2. Water-based lubes

Water-based lube is compatible with all toys except silicone toys because it can damage silicone materials over time.

They are easy to clean up after use and won’t damage the silicone material of your male stimulator. They’re also very common in most stores and online shops selling adult toys and accessories.

LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant
  1. Silicone-based lubes

Silicone-based lube is compatible with all toys used with water-based lubes, including silicone toys. It will stretch over the device and create a thin layer that feels natural against the skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, this lubricant may not suit you because it contains chemicals that can irritate some people’s skin.

They are usually thicker than water-based lubes, making them ideal if you want something longer-lasting than water-based lube but still easy to clean up afterward.


For using male masturbators, condoms are not a necessity. And wearing a condom will reduce the sensitivity of the penis, reducing pleasure.

But condoms are indeed an excellent way to ensure safety. The masturbator is reusable, but it will breed bacteria if it is not cleaned correctly. The common symptoms are inflammation, redness, and pain in the glans.

Wearing a condom has the added benefit of making masturbation masturbators easier to clean, although losing a bit of pleasure, bringing the convenience of health and cleanliness.

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Condoms, Durex Extra Sensitive & Extra Lubricated Condoms

How To Use A Male Masturbator?

Once you have prepared the above materials, you can enjoy a good time. Remember to charge it before you use it fully. Masturbation is an excellent buzzkill if you suddenly run out of power.

In brief, there are several steps as follows.

First, clean the male automatic masturbator and then dry the inside.
Then prepare an undisturbed space.
Finally, inject lotion into the masturbator cup.

Prepare an Undisturbed Environment

Using a male masturbator requires a quiet environment and the need to relax. A relaxed mood is very important for orgasm, and if you are in a tense environment all the time, ejaculation will be exceptionally difficult.

It is also embarrassing if family or friends discover you are using a masturbator. So it is very necessary to prepare a suitable environment in advance.

Cleaning the Masturbator

Be sure to clean your masturbator thoroughly once every time before using it. Even if the masturbator is brand new, it needs to be cleaned. Male masturbators may have been transported with debris or dirt; if not cleaned, they can pose a risk of infection to the penis.

Suppose You did not clean it the last time. Then there may be bacteria attached to the inside of the masturbator cup, so cleaning it again before use will ensure that the masturbator is safe.

Injecting Lubricant

Once the masturbator is clean, it is time to inject the lubricant into the masturbator cup. Just inject the right amount. If you inject too much, it will tend to cause the lubricant to flow out automatically.

Then shake or squeeze the masturbator cup to spread the lubricant evenly inside the cup. Pay special attention to the entrance of the cup to keep it moist because our penis enters from this place only to maintain a lubricated environment, which will bring a more enjoyable experience.

Start the Masturbator

After everything is ready, you can start the masturbator. Note that at the beginning of the start, use it from the lowest frequency. When the penis is inserted, slowly get used to it and gradually increase the frequency.

Different automatic masturbators have different modes. Some are good at thrusting, some are good at rotating, and there are mixed modes. Start with the simple mode and slowly move on to the mixed mode.

Ejaculate slowly

Once the masturbator has been activated, you can enjoy the pleasure of the automatic masturbator. If you use it for the first time, you may be unable to control its frequency and ejaculate quickly.

But it does not matter. You can regroup and do it again, this time slowly, to experience the impact of the automatic masturbator rotation. Once you feel the imminent ejaculation, you can reduce the frequency of the masturbator, or close the masturbator, this day to reduce the desire to ejaculate.

When the desire to control down, you can start the automatic masturbator again, so you can enjoy the pleasure of slowly ejaculating.

How to Get Stronger Pleasure?

By following the steps above, you can experience the pleasure of an automatic masturbator. But how to experience different stimulation and different pleasure? Maybe these tips can help you.

Practice the techniques recommended by experts
Experiment with different masturbators
Control yourself properly to delay ejaculation

Practice the Techniques Used by Advanced Users

Some advanced users have invented new tricks through constant practice summaries. It can make you experience extraordinary excitement. The methods are as follows.

  • Heat the masturbator to the temperature of your body. Most automatic masturbators are waterproof, so warm water can immerse the masturbator cup. The temperature of the human body makes you feel just like the temperature of a goddess.
  • Preparing multiple masturbators allows you to experience the pleasure of different masturbators.
  • Wearing a penis ring allows you to experience the pleasure of delayed ejaculation from the physical aspect.
  • Before using an automatic masturbator, prepare a period of foreplay to increase the excitement level.
  • Use a warm lotion.
  • Combine masturbation with nipples.

Prepare Different Types of Masturbators

Although automatic masturbators allow you to experience pleasure-free, manual masturbators will also have a different kind of pleasure.

And manual masturbators are cheap, so you can prepare several different types of manual masturbators to use in combination with automatic masturbators.

Manual masturbators come in oral types, anal types, breast types, doll types, etc. Although the purpose is the same, their appearance, the experience is entirely different, so the orgasm will come when different masturbators are experienced together.

Automatic VS Manual

Automatic masturbators have a variety of benefits. First of all, it has a vibrating design and a sucking design. It has a high-tech chip and motor, bringing an incomparable pulsating experience to a manual. Vibrations also have the benefit of being hands-free.

The manual can also slide up and down, but it can’t achieve the effect of vibration and sucking.

The latest automatic male vibrators can fit all penis sizes, from small to large. It can also help men with erectile dysfunction, has many different speed pulses, and is easy to clean. The adjustable suction power and waterproof design have become travel choices.

Precautions for Using Masturbators

When using a masturbator, there are a few precautions to be aware of.

If the internal cup of the masturbator is broken, try not to use it.
If the frequency is abnormal after starting the masturbator, please stop using it.
Only lotion can be filled inside the cup of the automatic masturbator. Remember not to put in complex objects.

How to Store the Masturbator Properly?

For every masturbator, you want to reuse it for a long time. To do this, you must protect them carefully to prevent them from breeding bacteria.

Be sure to clean your masturbators after each use. With many automatic masturbators, taking the cups apart and cleaning them is possible. Once disassembled, use running warm water to clean them. Once clean, let them dry naturally, and then store the masturbators in a bag.

Keep the bag dry, out of direct sunlight, and avoid humidity.

How Does Masturbation Affect Males?

Masturbation is an everyday sexual activity among males, but how does it affect them? This article explores the potential benefits and drawbacks of masturbation for males, including its impact on physical and mental health, sexual function, and relationships. By examining current research, we can better understand the role of masturbation in male sexuality.

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