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rose toy not working troubleshooting guide

Rose Toy Not Working | How to fix?

The rose toy went viral on TikTok but can sometimes malfunction, like not working, charging, or turning on. This guide offers troubleshooting tips to fix common issues.

Not Fully Charged

If your Rose Toy won’t turn on, it’s likely due to a low battery. Ensure it’s properly connected to the charger, as per the instructions or for at least 2 hours if no guidance is provided. Check for a solid light to confirm complete charging. If unsure, try turning it on while plugged in; if it activates, it needs charging. If not, there may be a problem with the battery or another component. Avoid overcharging and follow recommended charging practices to maintain its performance and lifespan.

Travel Lock Activation

If your rose vibrator isn’t turning on, it could be in travel lock mode. Press the power button for 5-10 seconds to deactivate the lock.

Protective Paper Inside the Battery

Check for protective paper inside the battery compartment for rose toys with detachable batteries. Remove this paper to activate the toy. If issues persist, contact the seller for assistance.

Check the Charging Cable

  1. Inspect the Cable: Look for any signs of wear, like fraying or severe bends, which could suggest internal damage.
  2. Test with Another Cable: Use a different charging cable to determine if the original is faulty.

Connection Loose

Ensure a firm connection between the charging cable, power adapter, and rose toy. Avoid using incompatible smartphone adapters and ensure the charging computer remains on. A blinking or red light indicates charging, which turns green or stops flashing when fully charged. If issues persist despite correct charging indications, the toy might be defective, often due to low-quality components. For lost chargers, purchase a compatible replacement from a reliable source.

Check the Charger

To safely and efficiently charge your rose toys, closely examine your charger’s specifications. Our Universal USB Device ensures a 5V ± 5% voltage with a current output of 500mA. Avoiding chargers exceeding 5V output is crucial, as they might harm your rose toys. Stick to chargers that align with the advised voltage guidelines to prevent damage.

Defective product

When produced from the factory, it is a defective product that cannot work by itself.

Battery Die

To maintain battery life, charge it at least once a month. Avoid cheap rechargeable batteries due to their shorter lifespan.

Is There Any Liquid Leakage?

In case of electrolyte leakage from a lithium battery, like those in rose vibrators, handle it cautiously. First, turn off the device and avoid direct contact with the leaked substance to protect your skin.

Waterproof Issue

Not all rose toys are fully waterproof; some are only splash-proof. If your toy has water damage, look for signs of moisture. You can dry it naturally, use a cool hair dryer, or place it in silica gel, rice, or millet for three days to absorb moisture.

Check the Body of the Rose Toy

Inspect it for visible damage, loose parts, or dust blockages that could cause electrical issues. Clean any dirt or debris, especially from the charging port and buttons, using a soft cloth or cotton swab to ensure a proper connection and functionality.

Also, check for cracks or significant damage that might suggest internal issues. Handle the toy carefully, avoiding extreme temperatures or moisture, and if persistent problems are found, consider discontinuing use and seeking repair. Regular maintenance and careful examination can help maintain optimal performance.

How to fix it?

Now that we have a detailed diagnosis of the common problems and their potential causes, we will look at how we can effectively address these issues to restore the system to regular operation.

Hard Reset

Read the user manual to find out how to reset the rose toys hard. This allowing the motor to cool down may help resolve the issue.

Right Charging Methods for the Rose Toy

Use only the supplied cable and adapter to charge your Rose Toy properly. Clean the toy before setting, then locate and gently access the charging port, often under a silicone flap. Connect the cable to a USB port or wall adapter, ensuring the toy indicates it’s charging. Charge for the recommended 2-3 hours, avoiding overcharging. Following these steps helps prevent damage and ensures your toy’s longevity.

Return the Rose Toy

If your Rose Toy won’t turn on after troubleshooting, it may need professional repair. Contact customer support.

Consider this if the toy has never worked, shows no external damage but won’t respond, or suddenly stops working. Always check the warranty for guidance on returns or repairs to ensure continued enjoyment of your toy.

Tips for Maintaining the Rose Toy

To keep your Rose Toy in top condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Clean Regularly: Clean your toy with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner after each use. Dry it thoroughly before storage.
  2. Proper Storage: Store your Rose Toy in a cool, dry place, ideally in its original packaging or a soft, protective bag.
  3. Use Lubricant: Apply water-based Lubricant to enhance comfort and protect the toy’s material during use.
  4. Inspect for Damage: Regularly check for any signs of wear, such as cracks or loose parts, and stop using it if any are found.
  5. Battery Care: If your toy uses batteries, replace them regularly to ensure consistent performance.
  6. Use High-quality Batteries: For optimal performance in battery-operated devices, prioritise using high-quality batteries. Mixing old and new batteries can lead to rapid power depletion.

Adhering to these tips will extend the life of your Rose Toy and ensure safe, enjoyable use.

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